A curator of fine agricultural produce

Langit is a social enterprise that aspires to bring economic empowerment to rural communities and smallholder farmers. True to Langit's motto - 'Reimagining Rural Communities', we work directly with communities to bring their agricultural produce to a larger audience. More importantly, we ensure that their efforts are compensated with commensurate financial reward through our fair pricing mechanisms.

On top of that, Langit further commits a minimum of 30% of our profits to introduce community-appropriate technologies to reduce intense physical labour and to increase the yield of the crops.

Langit prides itself as a curator of fine agricultural produce.

Silan, a young industrious pepper farmer who grows pepper on a farm reachable only with a strenous hour long hike. He started tending to his farm at the young age of 19 and takes immense pride in his top quality produce.

" It takes alot of patience and dedication, but all is worthwhile when I see high quality pepper growing from my trees. "

-Pepper Farmer, Silan

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The buffalo and Beras Adan are two irreplaceable components of a natural cycle that provides sustenance and livelihood to the Lun Bawang communities.

The water buffaloes are released into the paddy fields during the fallow period to eat the weeds, rice stumps and fertilize the fields.

" Without rice, we have no livelihood. "

- Paddy Farmer, Pak Liun

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Yulian, a passionate ginger farmer who hopes to continue growing ginger without chemical inputs. With the fervent hope to better provide for her family, she's expanding her farm as her proud produce is now reaching a wider audience.

" I hope that our village's ginger will be known by many one day. "

- Ginger Farmer, Yulian

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Dale Kerukub is a grain native to Southeast Asia. This grain is still traditionally planted without any artificial chemical inputs. It is used in TCM to remove heat, alleviate arthritis and promote digestion.

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Our Products

A curator of fine agricultural produce

Beras Adan

Beras Adan (White Rice)

The rice for the champions - full bodied and flavourful! Best consumed with hearty dishes or even on its own.

RM 20 - Order Now

Beras Siak

Beras Sia' (Red Rice)

The healthier option for the health conscious.

RM 22 - Order Now

Beras Item

Beras Item (Black Rice)

Dark and luscious with a unique fragrance

RM 22 - Order Now

Lada Bihis

Lada Bihis (Black Pepper)

Black pepper in the Bidayuh ethnic language. The mature berries are handpicked by smallholder farmers and sun-dried for 4-5 days.

RM 12 - Order Now


Layo (Ground Ginger)

Layo, ginger in the Dusun ethnic language. The gingers are grown by smallholder farmers to a maturity age of 1 year before being harvest.

RM 25 - Order Now

Dale Kerukub

Dale Kerukub (Job's Tears)

Dale Kerukub, Job's tears in the Lunbawang ethnic language, a grain native to Southeast Asia.

RM 18 - Order Now

Looking for a meaningful and practical Christmas gift this year?

Langit is proud to present to you "The Sora" (which means 'Sky' in Japanese)! This chic package features a reusable satin Furoshiki wrap over our two premium spice products.

The dainty package contains our "Layo", sundried and ground ginger powder from Keningau, Sabah. It will definitely pack a spicy punch for your Christmas treats (think gingerbread cookies or a gut warming gingery ale!).

The other half of the twin, Lada Bihis features Sarawak's world-renowned Black Peppercorns, with its characteristically larger peppercorns, milder heat but superior floral fragrance.
Sora Christmas Gift Langit

RM 40 - Order Now

The Langit story

Langit's story started with the four founders who worked as rural community organisers. They travelled extensively in rural areas building gravity-fed-water systems for rural communities. While they were executing a project in the Lawas Highlands, their stay with the local host family grew into a familial bond. They were each given a Lun Bawang name, Aco (Sun), Udan (Rain), Bulan (Moon) and Gituen (Star) as an initiation into the local community.

As they lived among the rural communities, they felt their plight. There is so much potential in the people and the place. Yet, so little has been tapped for the betterment of the community. Hence, Langit Collective was founded to create a sustainable economic ecosystem in the rural areas. Langit (The Sky) being the common element that gave rise to the founders' Lun Bawang names.